The Best of Both Worlds.

What could be better than colored pencils? Watercolor pencils! If you haven’t used this medium, what are you waiting for! It works like a colored pencil, but when you add water… BAM! It’s like magic! Now your colors are a watercolor masterpiece.

I discovered watercolor pencils when I was in college. Along the way, I have learned a lot. One of the first things I noticed was that similar to graphite pencils, water-soluble pencils have different hardnesses. When adding water to these pigments, pencils with harder cores didn’t blend well. You needed to press harder to lay down more pigment to achieve a watercolor effect. Likewise, with watercolor pencils with softer cores had just the opposite result.

In order to work with this medium, making swatches is a must. Practicing and learning how different brands of watercolor pencils behave, will help achieve the look you want. It truly is the best of both worlds, the detail of a pencil and the softness of watercolors.

I strongly suggest getting a few watercolor pencils. They are a lot of fun and the possibilities are endless. I like using them to make doodles and coloring them in. (Like this cupcake over here.) Drop a line and share some art. Remember, Creativity Happens in all Mediums.

Artfully yours,


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