Does Size Matter?

Does size matter? ABSOLUTELY! When it comes to Traver’s Notebooks and Bullet Journals. They say it’s really preference, but I think the jury is still out on that.  If you are new to the bullet journal or the traveler’s notebook you may have noticed that there are a variety of sizes of notebooks and inserts.  Taking a look at the numerous paper sizes, it’s no wonder choosing a journal can be challenging.

Traveler’s Notebook Insert Sizes
paper sizes
International Paper Sizes.

I started out with an A5 size bullet journal and I thought that was alright, but as a novice, I didn’t know any better. After trial and error, I landed on a Nunno Journal (8.75″x6.5″).  It is significantly larger than the Lemome I started out with, but there was so much space to write! I love the weight of the paper, the color of the pages, the dot matrix wasn’t too stark… the Nunno journal has many features that I adore.  I like the larger space there is room to move.

However, have you ever been intimidated by the vastness of the blank white pages?  Not sure how to fill them up?  Is the larger format an option? I suppose it depends on what the purpose of the journal is for.  Is the bullet journal or traveler’s journal going to be used with a  minimalistic style or is it going to be filled with drawings, art, ephemera and trackers and lists that require more space?  Things to ponder…

I bit the bullet and segued into a traveler’s notebook.  The standard size, A.K.A Midori, took a little getting used to.  However, I really enjoyed the narrow format and found that I can pack a lot of information in a 4.3″x8.25″ space and still have room to add notes and journal.  I was teetering on getting an A5 Traveler’s Notebook but I was a little hesitant, only because my bullet journal is around that size.  So I went the opposite way and got a passport size notebook and OMG It is AMAZING!!!

The passport size is tiny, at a mere 3.4″x4.9″ it feels intimate and it’s just the right size for all of those little moments you want to jog down.  As with any traveler’s notebook, you can keep 3-5 inserts which come in different kinds of paper.  You can also add accessories to the journals.  I have fallen in love with this format and it is small enough to put in your pocket.  I am surprised that I like writing in this format.  Being so small, I was worried I’d need a magnifier to see what I was doing!

Does size really matter? I guess it’s all in how you use it!  If you are teetering on trying a new size of bullet journal or traveler’s notebook, DON’T.  Take the plunge and you might just find the right size for you.

Artfully yours,




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