What’s Your Medium?

“Creativity Happens in All Mediums.” 

That’s right, ALL MEDIUMS.  What does that mean?  Many of us share our talents and passions in different ways.  We tend to think of art only as visual art but it encompasses so much more.  Creativity can manifest itself in many ways, for instance, literature, poetry, music, drama, and dance. But creativity doesn’t necessarily mean an art form, what about the floral designer, landscape, architecture, textiles, and digital media.20181026_153340_0001.png

When you take a look around you, notice all the little things.  A creative person made/designed the furniture in the room.  Someone created the interior space, someone designed the building you are standing in.  Everything we use was made by a creative person right down to the forks we eat from.  So when I hear someone say that they are not creative, I remind them that they are, but their medium may not be oil paints.  You must find your passion, your creative muse, but also be open to learning new methods and mediums because there lies the creative process.

I wanted to take some time and reflect on all of the different ways creativity manifests itself.  I also wanted to remind us that bringing creativity into our lives can take on whatever form. Whatever your outlet is it is, it is important that we take time for ourselves to express our creativity.  It’s good for the mind, body, and soul.

I have many friends whose creative outlets are very interesting.  One of them makes homemade lip balm, another makes soap, and one is a very talented poet.  I am blessed to have many creative friends in my life, from show business, theater, photography, musicians and textiles.

Creativity is an interdisciplinary means of expressing the soul.  It is amazing to look around and take stock of all the human ingenuity, creativity, and beauty our society has made.  Be inspired.  Find your passion.  Remember “Creativity Happens in All Mediums.”

Artfully yours,



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