Hand Lettering with Brush Pens

You see all of this beautiful handwriting in bullet journals, travel journals, scrapbooks, Pinterest, Instagram and so on. Ever wonder how it’s done?  Practice. I thought no one has that kind of precision with handwriting and it has to be done with a computer or use a pencil to keep line spacing straight.  Nope, just practice.

practice sheets by fionaariva.com

So my journey began… sheet after sheet of paper, tutorial after tutorial.  There are so many brush pens out there, Tombo, Zig, Faber-Castell, Koi, Kuretake Fudebiyori to name a few.  In addition, there are many types of ink that are used in these pens.  Knowing your project needs will help determine which pens you should select, not to mention which paper to use with each type of pens are crucial.  Let’s just say, mind…blown.

Practice makes perfect. You can find practice sheets all over the internet. Printable sheets, books, and lessons are available from Etsy.com, Craftsy.com, and Amazon to name a few.  As I was watching a tutorial, I gained some valuable information.  You must slow down your writing speed.  That really resonated with me because when I slowed down my writing, I gained more control over the pen.  Flourishes were easier and when you slow down you can control the pressure of the downstroke and lift of the upstroke.

Amy Tangerine brushes-calligraphy
Artist: Amy Tangerine

Aside from practicing the form of your letters and learning how your pens work, keep in mind that there so many brands of pens and types of pens and that each pen is made for a specific use.  For instance, if you use a Tombow dual-side brush pen know that it is not permanent and if you brush water over it, it will smear, hence, dye-based and watercolor brush pens. These and other water-soluble brush pens are wonderful for projects that require blending within the letters.  If you are lettering in a journal or art journal a more permanent solution might be the way to go.  Faber-Castell PITT markers are made with Indian Ink and are waterproof.  There are also many permanent brush pens that come in black that are simply amazing like the Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen.

Brush-Pens- design bolts
Design Bolts.  Pen Demonstration.

Hand Lettering is an art form that is as technical as it is beautiful. I for one am delving into this with joy and excitement.  Practice, practice, practice.  Hand Lettering with Brush Pens, how amazing is this.

I’d love to hear from you and your thoughts on your favorite pens and stationary, so please feel free to leave a comment.  Happy lettering!

Artfully yours,



One Comment

  1. mrerikdavis

    Nice job on the lettering. I have never had good lettering skills, my penmanship is actually pretty bad. But when I do write, I love using my LAMY Safari fountain pen.


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