The Travel Journal


As part of living artfully, we have to try new forms of art, stretch ourselves and explore subjects outside of our comfort zone. By that I mean I’ve tried all different of kinds of art from oil painting to stained glass, quilting, ceramics, lithography, filmmaking, papermaking, etc. I’ve always come back to drawing and painting mostly watercolor because that’s my love, however, I enjoy all of it. Everything that is creative in every art form I find amazing and I find appreciation in all of it.

That being said, now that I have done a fair amount of bullet journaling I thought that I might try the Travel Journal. I’ve read a lot about travel journals and I’ve seen a lot of videos on travel journals on YouTube. There are so many tutorials on the subject, how they are set up and what’s included in them. The one thing I do like about the travel journal is that it has little sections of notebooks that are put together with elastics so you have separate notebooks and you can dedicate one notebook for each topic or area.

Some of the blogs and articles spoke about using the travel journal as a diary, while others were documenting their travels to restaurants and made a foodies journal. Journals can be set up to incorporate daily business much like a bullet journal too. The art inside of these travel journals is diverse. I’ve seen some of these travel journals look very much like an art Journal. I have also seen travel journals that incorporate ephemera and stamps and snippets of memorabilia which have a scrapbook like feel.  Observing the calligraphy, writings, and journaling it’s sort of a mixed media playground if you ask me and I thought I would like to give it a go!

So I ordered a simple travel journal with a few sections of notebooks and I ordered a section of books that had 120 GSM paper in it so that it would hold up to wet media so we shall see how that works. I will put in a couple of entries and see how it goes and then I will post some pictures to Pinterest, Instagram and possibly do a YouTube video on it.

Sometimes you just have to dive into things and see where it goes.  I went for it and I must say I have found a new medium where I can practice illustration, watercolor, collage, and most importantly journaling.  I enjoyed the making the first few entries in the travel journal and I would really like to continue exploring and growing in this medium.  If you like to make travel journals, please share your ideas.  Feel free to leave comments and we’ll see where this travel journal takes us.

Artfully yours,



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