Recycle, Reuse, Reporpus…

They say that “Necessity is the mother of all invention”.   So when you have a creative problem and don’t have the materials or supplies, you make due with what you have and see where that takes you.

Recycling items and transforming them into something completely different is another way to be creative and be planet savvy. (Planet savvy, a new way to say earth-friendly?! I call dibs on the catchphrase!)  This medium is called “Recycled Art”. One of my favorite Toilet Paper Dresschallenges is to take an ordinary material and transform it into something else.  For instance, have you ever heard of making wedding dresses out of toilet paper? Yup, that’s a thing and it is really awesome.  Artists will use all kinds of materials to create sculptures, reliefs, mosaics and even two-dimensional art with everyday objects.  Bottle cap mosaics, paper towel roll sculptures, cardboard reliefs, recycled metal sculptures, these are but a few of the many creative ways artists express themselves.


strawsRecycled Art, is a recycled term. It started all the way back to Piccaso who created the method of collage.  This art form developed into using found objects, like Duchamp and grew until all kinds of art forms developed like assemblages and installation art.  Recycled Art as it is called now allows artists to create amazing works.  The next time you feel inspired, remember you don’t always need brushes to make amazing art!key bottleHave an amazing day, and take time to create.


Artfully yours,



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