Some Art Therapy


I took this photo last night, and I thought to myself, “this is amazing!” It reminds me of how much we take for granted. I have been struggling with a loss of a loved one. And I thought I lost my muse, I was so depressed I couldn’t find it in me to come up with a single creative thought. Days and months went by, I couldn’t even sing I was empty. I put down my brushes, my yarn, my passion. It took a while, then one day I went to my studio and made some acrylic pour paintings. I took some photos of random subjects that made me giggle, I even became a rock star in the shower! I was singing again.

I am an Art Educator. I know the importance of art and how it affects us both socially and personally.  I know that art therapy has many benefits. I am not an expert in this field, however, I believe that reconnecting with my creative self, has helped me heal through this experience of loss. Finding my voice again was so important to me. Finding my joy, and passion for creating art in all mediums was paramount. It is who I am with every fiber of my being. I know my Mother would not want me to lose myself in grief.

I try to draw something every day or make a little watercolor painting, write, journal, take a photo or some DIY project I saw on Pinterest. When I was full of anxiety, I would loom knit everyone at work a hat or scarf. (Seriously, there was a waiting list!) I needed to do this because it is an outlet of expression that keeps you focused, calms the mind and finds the inner peace.  Plus it keeps my hands busy.

With this Artful Journey,  I needed to find my focus again, I needed to find my center, I needed to be able to find the calm and peace to be able to creatively express my heart, my mind, and my thoughts. That being said art as therapy is very useful to help channel those creative thoughts to keep you in the present to keep you focused and let out stuffed emotions.  Art is so much more than what we think it is or should be, it is a way of expressing one’s soul,  it’s part of life part, of the human condition. We need art, we need to share, we need to express ourselves but mostly it’s a way of communication that unspoken words cannot express.

I am going to be kind to myself today.  I am going to set aside time to draw and paint, have a cup of tea and breath.  I need a time-out from this hectic life, a moment to regroup.  And when I am finished, I will be refreshed.Zen Tangle #22

Try taking an art time-out and doodle, or whatever project you are working on. Take a moment to regroup using art as a medium for healing.

Artfully yours,


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