How Eggciting!

When  I was growing up, it was a family tradition to color eggs for Easter. My sister and I would color a dozen eggs and then magically the Easter Bunny would hide them all over the house.  One year my Mom, (a.k.a the Easter Bunny) hid one so well she forgot where she put it. When it started stinking, you bet we found it!  I was still decorating eggs well into high school, I think my Mom still wanted to hold on to the tradition and she always filled baskets up with goodies for us to open up on Easter day.  This made her happy and I was willing to play along.  At least the tooth fairy took a rest!Onion-Dyed-Eggs

However, in my artsy way, I love making unusual eggs. I go to town with them!  I will paint them, decorate them, decoupage them even give them some bling.  I read articles on how to make Faberge eggs and gave that a go.  It was so much fun.  My  Mom, sister and I would sit around the table making eggs and it was good.  Now that I have my own child, I want to pass down this tradition.

As part of adding a dose of creativity in our lives, take the simple joys of coloring Easter eggs as a way to bond with family, or let your inner artist out and let your imagination run wild. Did you know there are millions of ways to dye your eggs?  Silk dye, onion dye, painting, gold leaf, it literally blows my mind all the creative ways to decorate eggs.  What a beautiful way to live artfully. maxresdefault

Well, the history of the Easter Egg may go back to the early Anglo-Saxons, the Christians, and other religions, it has evolved into a very creative art form that both adults and children alike cherish year after year.  Check out this article from Time Magazine:  Time Magazine History of the Easter Egg

Post your eggs pics and I will display them in the Gallery!  Have a wonderful Easter, and may the Bunny bring you lots of treats.  I got a great idea for an egg, so I’m gonna go into the studio.  Please leave any comments and questions and as always share your ideas.

Artfully yours,


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