Acrylic Pouring Paintings

So, two years ago I started seeing these awesome paintings on Pinterest, they were called acrylic pour paintings.  I wanted to make some and so I went on YouTube and I looked at hundreds and hundreds of videos on how to make Acrylic Pour Painting. I was so excited I went out and bought all the supplies.  I got my paints and the mediums, cups, stir sticks, everything I could possibly need to make these paintings and it was going to be EPIC! Yeah, an EPIC FAIL.  It was bad.  I was so disappointed and I had no idea what I had done wrong.

Blue Agate 

 So I watched another bazillion hours of YouTube to figure out what I was doing wrong.  Too much paint, not enough medium, to little water…Argh! After many canvases and paint, I nailed it.  It was the best AH-HA moment ever.  It was amazing, I had large cells, and movement within the piece.  The colors I chose were beautiful.  I was even commisioned to make a few pieces.  I went to few craft shows and sold several of my pieces.  I did sell some in my shop, and I felt very proud of myself for this accomplishment.


I found that making these types of paintings was something magical.  Even though you might think you have control over the entire composition, depending on which method you use, you really don’t.  It is fluid and organic and once you begin the painting there isn’t much time to decide what is going to happen.  I like that every piece is unique and while you are creating the work you are in the zone.  All of your attention is focused like a laser.  I prefer to do a dirty pour method, which is when you mix all of your colors in separate cups with your pouring medium, you then layer the colors in one larger cup, filling it with the amount needed to cover the canvas. One quick flip of the cup on top of the canvas and give it a few seconds… Lift the cup off of the canvas and the paint pools and spreads all over the canvas.  This is where the fun begins.  As the paint is moving about you tilt the canvas in all directions letting the paint drip off the edges.  Once you have the painting to where you like it, call it a day.

I started seeing pieces of Acrylic Pour Painting using Two-Part Epoxy Resin as a medium.

Cosmic Watermelon

This literally turns your pour painting to a shiny glossy finish that looks like glass. Again, there was a learning curve on this one too!  But oh my goodness it looks AMAZING!   It got me thinking of what other uses I could apply this to?  I was thinking about making some table tops for some patio furniture, coasters for summer iced tea, large-scale wall art, the possibilities are endless.


They Might be Flowers!?

This is a very messy art form but it is very rewarding.  If you like abstract art and want to give it a try let me know I will get a supply list together and do a video demonstration. Seriously this is the good kind of addicting fun!  I can spend hours in the studio and lose track of time.  Again if you’d like more information on this art form please send me a comment.  If you have done this kind of artwork and would like to share your project(s) that would be great too. I will post in the Gallery Tab some of my favorite Acrylic Pour Paintings.



Artfuly yours,






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