Creating on Black Pages.

I found my pad of black drawing paper and thought “I haven’t drawn on this type of paper in a long time. I love drawing on black paper and dark colored papers. It’s challenging to visualize contrast and value because many colors will not show up well on dark papers.

One of the many things I love about black paper is all of the dimension you can create using negative space. I just used my light colored pencils, white, very light cool grays, and light pastel colors. Don’t limit yourself to just pencils though, pastels, opaque gouache/watercolor, and opaque white ink will give you varied results.

Light colored pencils on Canson Artigian paper.

I got an email from Archer and Olive saying they were coming out with a totally black notebook. Immediately, I was drooling. How cool is that!? Seriously, there is no way I was going to pass this up, so of course I bought one. No buyer’s remorse here… This is the coolest notebook and the possibilities are endless. The Black Out book is a bullet journal notebook with dot grid pages. Why is this amazing? I will tell you… All of the pens that you can write with in this journal.

Neon, glitter, metallic, pastel, and opaque white pens look amazing on black paper. If you want to feel like a kid again you need this. Doodling and journaling is so satisfying and just plain fun.

Supply List

  • Archer and Olive: Black Out Book
  • Metallic Pens
    • Uni-ball Signo UM-151 Metallic Gel Pen
    • Uni-ball Signo Noble Metal Metallic 
  • Glitter
    • Uni-ball Signo Sparkling Glitter
    • Pentel Hybrid
  • Pastel
    • Uni-ball Signo Angelic Color
  • Neon
    • Gelly Roll Moonlight
  • Others
    • Sakura Ballsign Kirara Pen
    • Prismacolor Colored Pencils
Gelly Roll Moonlight. Black light make the florescent colors glow!

I strongly suggest that you play with black paper or dark drawing papers. It really is quite a different experience. It’s great to try new things and it’s awesome to get of of one’s comfort zone once in a while.

If you find any other pens that look great on black paper, please share! This list is but a few of the pens I found out there and they’re all awesome. I know this is a short post, but I had to share this find. Happy doodling!

Artfully Yours,


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