Brain Fog

Idea Bulb Burnt Out?

Ever get stuck in your thoughts? Ever feel like the “creative ideas” went on strike? Plies of crumpled paper on the floor, stacks of canvas with cobwebs, so many unfinished projects strewn about that when you take a step back your studio is a reflection of your mind?

There are lots of names for this like writer’s block, brain cramp. Writer’s block doesn’t seem to fit for an artist. Creative block? However you want to call this crippling creative stumbling block, it sometimes can be difficult to get back on track. It’s these little things like “life” that get in the way, for instance, distractions or your “get up and go, got up and went“. Nobody can be on point all of the time, right?

How do you shake the brain fog from your head? Identify what is causing the creative block. Make a list and evaluate what is going on in your daily routine that might be the culprit. Perhaps it is as simple as just “do it”. The hardest thing is to get started but once you do things will start moving.

I enjoy making acrylic pour paintings. That being said, I have been in a brain fog. I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted my paintings to go. I was stuck on how to make my work different from others’. I had to step away and think about what else could I do with this medium. That’s is where creativity comes from. “Necessity is the mother of all invention” ~Plato

If anyone has any other helpful hints or tricks to get out of a creative slump, please share your thoughts in the comment section. I’d love to hear your advice.

Artfully yours,


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  1. Carol Lois Haywood

    Not creating spells are seriously painful and call for action for me! My individual cause is usually not getting regular recreation and breaks from duties & obligations. Everyone may have their individual demons (especially true of artists I think) so one has to get to know oneself’s “illusions” I think. As in, if I only do enough/try enough/give up enough, I will be successful/loved/rich/happy. If I run into a dry spell, I have to give myself time and space to “get away” and let my deeper self tell me, what kind of break or recreation or self-indulgence I am lacking! important topic for all creative types!


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