Handmade Cards… Sending Some Cheer!

Making cards have been a thing forever.  In today’s world, it is so much easier to buy a card and send it, let alone send one digitally.  However, keeping it real and authentic is always the best way to share your sentiments and keep this art form alive.  

Card making is such a broad category, in the sense that there are multitudes of media that can be used and styles that have developed.  Virtually anything goes when it comes to card making.  Below is a list that demonstrates how anything goes when making cards.

Rubber Stamps, Ink Pads, and Glitter
  • Card Size, pre-made, 
  • Rubber stamps, inks, embossing powders, Glitter
  • Colored pencils, graphite, Pen and Ink, Markers, Pens
  • Scrapbook paper, Cut Outs, Collage, Quilling paper
  • Mixed Media, Photos, Ephemera, Fibers 
  • Watercolor paint
  • Exacto knives, adhesives

Not only do you make the card, but the envelope is fair game too!  A long time ago I used to belong to a group of card makers.  For instance, if there were ten members you made ten cards, one for yourself.  Each month there was a theme.  When we met, each member received nine handmade cards with envelope, not including your own.  Now you can send your ten handmade and unique cards from very talented artists, scrapbookers, and craft enthusiasts. The most gratifying part of this experience is how with one theme came so many different brilliant ideas.

With the holiday season coming up I thought that sending some handmade cards would be special and a great way to send some cheer.  I might also ask a few friends if we could bring back the card making group and make a go of it! Spending time with friends and crafting is always a good time.

If you haven’t tried making cards, you should.  Get those creative juices flowing and share a message of good cheer!  If you have any questions please leave a comment.  Have a wonderful day.

Artfully yours, 


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