An Adult Coloring Book Story

Adult coloring books were all the rage a few years back.  If you look on the shelves at stores you still see them around.  They are meant for adults to relax and find their calm.  (A sort of grown-up time out.)  It can also be therapeutic in the sense that it redirects the mind allowing the mind to reset.  

A few years ago it was suggested to me that I try one of these Adult Coloring books, while I was juggling a toddler, an aging parent, and work. So I did and I must say it helped. My Mom had her baggage of issues to deal with and I suggested she try an Adult coloring book, thinking I am going to help her out. I was so excited that I was able to get her interested in something, anything.

Seriously, this conversation actually happened and I will never forget it.  My Mom didn’t get a lot of things.  I asked her “Have you ever tried an Adult Coloring Book?”  

“Is that DIRTY?”, She said.

I stood there and paused because I wasn’t sure if she was serious or joking.  She was serious.  I started laughing and explained to her that the Adult Coloring book is not XXX rated and you don’t have to tip it!  I bought her one and got colored pencils for her and she really enjoyed it.  “Is it DIRTY?”

Point being, adult coloring books are fun, therapeutic and if you ask your older parents you might just get a funny answer. Besides, it always nice to get in touch with your inner child and color, even if it’s outside the lines.

Happy Holiday! Hope you enjoy the laugh…

Artfully Yours, 


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