What’s a Doodle got to Do with it?

Do you ever feel that your doodles don’t measure up to those on Pinterest or Instagram? Ever feel like they make everything look so simple and flawless? Wonder why everything looks the same?  Me too!

A doodle is just that, a doodle.  A simple drawing to represent a person, place or thing.  If the cavemen can do it, what’s the problem? (Wow, that sounded like a commercial tag…)  In the 17thcentury the word doodle made its way into our language.  Its origin is in German (dudeltopfdudeldopp), meaning ‘simpleton‘ or ‘to be made a fool of‘. However, the modern definition is ‘to draw or make patterns absentmindedly’.  My point being is that we should not be so hard on ourselves and that with variation comes unique style.  If everyone’s doodles looked alike, well that would be kind of boring.

However, “Imitation, is the sincerest form of flattery.” Right?!  Some doodles you see out there are actually vector drawings. Yup, computer drawings. Which are really cool and consistent, but for those who are journaling, hand drawn is the way to go. Here’s the challenge: Create doodles that are simple line drawings. Don’t over think it, just draw.  Let’s create a doodle page in our respective notebooks and compare our doodles. To be fair, we will use a photograph of our subject on the left and then the doodle on the right.  No right or wrong, no judgment, just pure creative fun.  Are you ready? Let’s do it

Doodle Chalange

Challenge #2 doodle, Pictionary style.  Here are the words…you draw the doodle.

  • Pencil,
  • apple
  • flower
  • present (gift)
  • pie
  • avocado

How’d you do?  Are you comfortable with your doodles? Remember this is a fun creative challenge. More to the point, I expect that there will be thousands of variations of these images, which will prove that your doodles don’t have to look like the mainstream doodles on Pinterest or Instagram.  Celebrate your unique doodles, and remember to enjoy the creative process!

Please share your doodles and your comments.  Please leave a like, share and follow. Have a wonderful day.

Artfully yours,


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