How I Fell in Love with Paper.

I love all things stationery.  I fell in love with rubber stamps, the grown-up kind, mounted on wood blocks.  I discovered them when I was in college.  I would write letters and make my own stationary letterhead.  I used embossing powders and glitter, what can I say I was addicted.  Soon after I started scrapbooking.  Back then, scrapbooking (the modern mainstream circa 1990) was still very new.  There were few choices for pens, paper, scissors, tape, die-cuts etc.  But even in its infancy, scrapbooking opened a whole new twist on an old art form making way for all kinds of variations in paper crafting.  In my journey, I made greeting cards, collage work, decoupage and scrapbook layouts that will be passed down for generations.

I have always kept a journal.  Albeit, back then I wasn’t very organized and my journals reflected that.  My early journals were personal ones, more like a diary.  In those diary-like journals, I used them as sketchbooks as well. I also took notes in them too.  I guess I wanted a multi-purpose journal to keep all of my racing thoughts together and my spontaneous art urges.

So with all of these new art mediums, I was like a kid in a candy shop.  So many ways to create art with paper.  Rubberstamps, ink, ink pads, pens, calligraphy, papers, embellishments, journaling, stickers, washi tape, watercolors, paint, pencils, every kind of drawing material you can think of, this-this was my playground and I indulged in it as often as I could.  Exploring ways to make my world beautiful was my goal, sharing my art with others is another.  Encouraging those around me to try new creative techniques brings me joy and sharing the creative process reaps its own rewards.

With the increasing popularity of the Bullet Journal and Traveler’s Journal, I have found my muse!  Finally, a journal that can keep up with me and my abundance of art and stationery supplies.  (My sister jokes and tells others that she is going shopping at my craft store, which she never brings anything back! Ahh sisters…gotta love them!)   I love Bullet Journalling and using a Traveler’s Journal.  I am in paper crafting heaven. It’s everything I love, all of my pens, pencils, colored pencils, watercolors, drawing tools, markers, stamps, etc… (I could go on and on!) All wrapped up in a nice leather cover!

There you have it.  A passion for drawing and a love of paper.  I hope that you are as excited as I am about the creative process. Whatever your medium is, it needs to be nurtured and shared in order to grow.  Have a wonderful day.  Feel free to drop a line and share your passion.

Artfully yours,



  1. fionahampton

    Those pages are so beautiful, I love the colours! One of the main reasons I love bullet journalling is that it’s made me remember how much I love painting and gives me a chance to improve on it. I used to really like making collages as well, so this post is inspiring me to start experimenting with using papers in my journal!


  2. A Chick Click

    I also love and obsess over paper and travel notebooks. I recently accepted my stationery addiction and have embraced it. For years I was a closet admirer but now I am open and share my love of it. I began way young with my love of stationery and have obtained quite the collection. For a while I had given up on it because of life but ever since getting back into it I have been happy again and I love seeing others share their love for it.

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