Vellum, Oh the Posibilites.

As I was making layouts for my bullet journal, I had an idea. I love making handmade cards, rubber stamping and scrapbooking. On my artful journey, a fellow artist and craft enthusiast showed me this translucent paper called vellum. You could stamp on it and make embellishments for your cards or scrapbooks. It was a […]


So what is “Bullet Journaling”?

In my last post about bullet journaling, we talked about supplies and sections of the journal.  The better question is “what is bullet journaling”? or better yet, “how do you use it”? The bullet journal is an analog system of keeping everything organized. It a streamlined system where all data can be accessed quickly.  When you do […]


To New Beginings

Welcome to Artful Living. 2018 is going to be a year of new explorations in various art forms. I recently started to bullet journal, bujo, for short. I absolutly fell in love. Who doesn’t love pens, markers, paper, washi tape and getting organized. I have always loved art. I would see a project and say […]