What My Life Will Look Like In 2021.

I don’t know about you, but I am OVER 2020. As everyone makes their resolutions for 2021, I thought I would take a different approach. TBH (to be honest) I got mad, I got angry. I have had enough of putting my life on hold, my family’s lives on hold and being told that this will get better. I’m tired of politics and social media, and I’m tired of the drama. 2020 has been a complete waste of emotional energy and it is high time I take my life back.

I am going to start by accomplishing my goals I set out to do this year. For instance I am going to run a marathon. Finally, I can put a whole set of stickers on the back of my car, 5K, 15K, 13.1 and soon 26.2! I have new ideas for my shop and new content for my blog. This year was difficult to stay positive and focused. It felt like Groundhog’s Day but a lot longer. It certainly was difficult in terms of mental health. I know I struggled with depression and anxiety.

NO MORE I SAY! The time for being depressed and anxious is over. I am grabbing the bull by the horn and taking control of my emotional health, creative health, and fiscal health. I will not allow external forces block my determination. CARPI DIEM.

I will be doing a series on bullet journaling. I have found that keeping any list to keep your ideas organized is a good thing. I want to share how art and journals can be a place of peace and refuge. In my blog, let’s make connections between all of the art forms and appreciate their similarities. Let’s learn about the elements and principals of art. Let’s take this negative year crumple it up and throw it into the circular file.

2021 has not been written yet. But my rough draft is full of positive ideas to keep me on track. I will leave you with this: I accept the things I cannot change. I am ready to change the things I can, and God willing the wisdom to know the difference.

May 2021 find you in a great place. Stay safe, stay heathy, stay creative.

Artfully yours,


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