Staying Creative During Times of Hardship

“Creativity Happens in All Mediums” that being said, let’s get to it! Staying busy and staying positive is a little harder these days, so what can we do to pass the time… Let’t make stuff! Let’s do all the things we did when we were kids like build the biggest and best blanket fort EVER! Let’s FaceTime our friends and play Iron Chef or Cake Wars. How about start a story and send it to someone to add on to it and so on and when it comes back to you it will be the funniest story ever.

Being creative doesn’t necessarily mean just art. Creativity by definition is the use of imagination or original ideas. If you are into cooking or baking try to plate an amazing dish and Snapchat that! Try surrounding yourself with things that make you happy, calm, relaxed. For me I like to light a candle, put on some LoFi Beats and paint, draw, journal or whatever I feel like that day. I’d challenge my friends to a ZOOM edition of a HELL’S KITCHEN showdown but Chef Ramsey already threw my BLEEPidy BLEEPen BLEEP butt out the door.

For all of you DIYers. This is an opportune time to get all those home projects started or finished. I finally had the time to paint my son’s bedroom. There are so many projects to do around the house. The weather is getting warmer and that means everyone with a green thumb will be out in their gardens. I personally do not have a green thumb, but I always give it my best shot. (Thank you, Miracle-Gro!) I know we all have those little projects we’ve said “when I get a round to it”, well here’s your round “TUIT”. (My grandmother gave me one when I was a kid, and I laughed myself silly!) Now we have no excuse to busy and create!

Crochet, knitting, needlework, cross-stitch, sewing, quilting, these are some creative outlets that are fun and useful too. For instance, I need a new quilt so I was planning on making one. My problem is that I’m a topper, I make great tops but can’t follow through to quilt the sandwich. NOT this YEAR! I will be a bottomer too! Game on.

My Grandma gave me one of these.

I am an avid creative journalist. One of the the things I have been jotting down in my journal are my feelings about the quarantine. I wanted to document life as it was and what it will be. Keeping a journal helps to get out what’s in your head and onto paper. If you are into keeping a Traveler’s Notebook, Art Journal, Scrapbook, or Junk Journal think about making a spread about current events.

The hardest part of any endeavor is getting started. The best thing to do is just “start”. Now is the time! Now is opportunity to get creative and learn and grow as an individual, as a family, or as a community. Carpe Diem, friends… Carpe Diem!

Have any ideas for getting creative? Please leave them in the comments below.

Artfully yours,


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