No Art Experience Needed.

Wanted: Any person with little to no art experience. Must provide own paper and pen, pencil. Erasers are optional.

That’s right! Come as you are and learn the quickest way to “Get your art on”! I’m talking about Zentangle. Never heard of it? It is an exceptional way to start doodling and focusing the mind. Zentangle has been around for a while and once you learn the basics the pattern combinations are endless.

Basket Weave Pattern and Flower Doodle
Circles on Water Pattern

I thought it would be an interesting take on the minimalist Bujo and Travel Journal spreads if we added simple linear patterns and designs from the Zentangle method. Using Zentangle patterns can be an bring a new element to your spreads where it just gives that hint of pattern and texture.

Zentangles can be used with any paper medium. Greeting cards, framed art work, doodling, and any kind of decoration you can think of. Since I was working in my journal I thought it would add a nice touch. Don’t know how to make a Zentangle? No problem. All you need is a pen and paper. First draw four dots, one in each corner of your paper. (Most Zentangles are drawn on square paper.) Next draw a line (string) to connect the dots. These strings do not have to be straight. Then draw some lines that cut through the square. Once you are satisfied, the next part is the fun stuff.

In each section of your tangle you will put a different pattern in it. There are literally hundreds of patterns out there. If you need inspiration check out Pinterest. Practice patterns and then well, go for it! Zentangle the planet.

Zentangle example. Drawing for fun.

Try adding some pattern and texture to your next journal spread or craft project you might surprise yourself! Have any questions? Feel free to drop a line and I’d be happy to help!

Artfully yours,


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