Photography, Smartphone Style.

It is amazing how photography has evolved over the last 25 years.  From celluloid to pixels, the fundamentals are the same but the mediums are completely different.  I learned how to shoot on a 35mm Nikon FM2.  Shooting a manual camera with black and white film teaches you how to see the world through a lens unfiltered.  In this process, there is a greater understanding of the skill and craftsmanship that went into making one single image from film to processing to printing.

Now we have auto-focus lenses, automatic cameras, digital cameras, all kinds of photo editing software, filters, ways to print and post images, but with the advent of the Smartphone…well, there’s an app for that.  It’s crazy to think that in 2018 most onboard cameras in smartphones are 12MP (megapixels).  We thought that 5MP Digital SLR cameras were the bomb with their insane clarity when they first came out.

Smartphones have made photography portable, editable, and ready to send to any application on social media, and for print.  And what’s even crazier is how much simpler it is to use all of these apps.  Below are some examples of before and after editing all done on a smartphone.

The amazing photography studio in your phone can also be used with portable printers! Yes, you heard it! These tiny printers are wireless and Wi-Fi compatible.  These mini wonders print 2×3 sticky pictures to 4×6 photos, depending on brand. HP, Kodak, Canon, Fuji, Polaroid are a few companies who make these really cool gadgets and hopefully, these will stay around for a while. These little printers have so many creative possibilities.   

How do you do it? Well, first take a photograph. (We’ll talk about composition later.)  Then choose your App.  There are legit, a million, photo editing applications.  Whichever phone platform you use, go to its play store and choose the editing apps that suit your needs.  Whether the app is a filter or a downright Photoshop type program, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creativity and its uses.  From making photos Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook ready to amazing selfies, the smartphone is a genius.

Keep the conversation going…Have any amazing tips, tricks, or favorite apps?  Feel free to leave a comment below!

Artfully your, 


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