Exploring Bujo in a Travel Journal

Playing around with the idea that you can take a travel journal insert and make that a bullet journal. This is not a new idea, but taking the inserts and creating a purpose for each of them is very appealing. I chose to use the grid insert instead of the dot matrix just for a change. The inserts do not have many pages and I was only able to fit four months into it, which is ok this breaks up the months and you can focus on the information you want to keep in it.

Like so many travel journals, many are filled with collage and art, ephemera, and snippets of paper and washi tape. Adding these additions to the bujo version of the travel journal opens up many opportunities for your creative endeavors. Because the travel journal is so modular, each insert can be used for separate topics. One insert could be used as a stand-alone Habit Tracker and all the things you need to keep track of in your life. One can be used for sketches and yet another for a diary.sprea

A smaller version of the Monthly spread.

I am enjoying this new format. Well, it’s new to me, and I see how appealing it is. It can be all things to all artists, and that is really cool. However, it can be a little intimidating at first trying getting started but when you get to planning everything out, it really is enjoyable. Bottom line it, the travel journal is all about you, and that is something I can get behind.

You can wake up have your coffee/tea, journal in your notebook, sketch, plan out your day/week and feel accomplished for the day knowing you have an outline. We all have busy lives and taking a few moments for yourself to collect your thoughts is priceless, and it is so good for the mind and body. A little creative therapy goes a long way.

If you haven’t tried using a travel journal, I strongly suggest it. Reseach its uses, look at plenty of examples, watch videos, play with all for your art supplies. There is no right or wrong when it comes to journaling. Seeing what others’ are doing simply helps you to figure out what will work for you, and in the process, you’ll discover yourself.

Happy journaling! If you have questions please feel free to drop a line. Please like a share and follow for more Artful Living articles. Thank you kindly.

Artfully yours,


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