Not Your Mama’s Macaroni Necklace…

I had this conversation with a client of mine and he brought up some great ideas.  At Artful-Living, one of my missions is to inspire everyone to bring art into their lives.  I believe that everyone is creative, and everyone is curious, it’s part of the human condition.  My client said that art can be intimidating. That bothered me.  However, I can understand. I used to feel very intimidated when it came to writing large papers for school.  It’s the blank white page staring back you, mocking you, saying “your move“. So It is my intention to help everyone get in touch with their creative side.

Which brings me to my thought of the day… I found some inspiration when I found a necklace that my son had given me in pre-school.  It was made with macaroni.  This got me to thinking.  I love stringing beads.  I make all kinds of jewelry.  Beading is a really a neat art form that everyone can enjoy.  Even the little ones can string beads and make necklaces and bracelets.  And the great thing about beading is there are so many kinds of beads, including macaroni.  If you can’t find the right accessory, make it.  It’s unique and totally yours.

Sometimes I just get a crazy idea and I run with it. I wanted to make a super bling-bling macaroni necklace that not only represents old-school hip-hop but will make every Granny feel stylish and cool with a pair of blue-blockers.  And who can say “no” to a grandchild’s chunky-funky handmade necklace? Again, just a thought…

wp-15242273805451824669181.jpgStretchy bracelets are always in fashion.  All you need for this project is stretchy bead cord, 4mm-10mm round beads or whatever size you are looking for, and a little crazy glue to secure the knot.  That’s it! If you are into crystals and gemology, this quick and easy project will have you wearing your favorite stone in no time.  I like to use the 1mm heavy stretch cord because gemstones tend to weigh more. Also, it gives the bracelet more stability.  Measure your wrist and cut the cord about two inches longer.  Put a paperclip on the end so the beads don’t fall off.  String the beads, this should be the length of the bracelet.  (Measure twice, cut once!) Now remove paperclip and make a square knot. (Right string over left, tie/ Left string over the right, tie) Take the superglue and put a dot of glue on the knot, this will secure the knot so it doesn’t break.  Voila! One beautiful accessory!



You can use any kind of beads and you can do this with the kids.  Have fun, this is a quick and easy project that really gets the creative juices flowing.  If you have questions or comments drop me a note, I’d love to hear from you.


Artfully yours,


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