Vellum, Oh the Posibilites.


As I was making layouts for my bullet journal, I had an idea. I love making handmade cards, rubber stamping and scrapbooking. On my artful journey, a fellow artist and craft enthusiast showed me this translucent paper called vellum. You could stamp on it and make embellishments for your cards or scrapbooks. It was a nice addition to making invitations. What if you could put the vellum through the printer? Well, guess what you can! Back in the day vellum could only be put through inkjet printers because laser printers were too hot and the paper would buckle. But I have found that most home laser printers will not damage the vellum or your printer and the results are amazing.  Do not use vellum in copy machines, they are way too hot and will melt the vellum causing damage to the copier.  Plus your boss and co-workers will get mad at you for breaking the copy machine, (not that I have done that…shhh).

20180226_161339585459738.jpgAnyone who loves fonts and typing with all kinds of lettering, this is for you.  I decided that I do not have the patience to draw a million little calendars for habit trackers in my bullet journal. So a made a table in a word document, copy and paste a few time and voila habit trackers at my fingertips. Plus I could make them in any font I want!  Then I thought what about my monthly page?  Oh, the possibilities! I made a little calendar for each month and I used my markers to color them in. WOW! I thought this is great, I used a different font for each month, and I can use the coordinating font for the habit trackers. Of course, this is not going to replace the doodling or hand lettering in my journal, but to be used as another tool to be creatively expressive.  You can use this method in your journals, card making or scrapbooking.

This is what happens when you use a glue stick…

So how do you incorporate this lovely paper in your projects?  With adhesives, of course.  Well, not all adhesives are the same.  I tried a glue stick and well it didn’t dry so clear and you could see it through the vellum.  You definitely do not want to use E6000, Elmer’s White glue, Rubber Cement or any other wet glue because it makes the paper will curl and crinkle.  (However, who doesn’t love those adhesives?)  Now you might see this adhesive through the vellum depending on the color of the background paper you’re using but don’t worry it is by far best product I have found so far.  I use Tombow Permanent Adhesive Tape.  If anyone has used another adhesive that works well, please leave a comment and share!


Go have fun with vellum, it is so versatile and the possibilities are endless.

As always please feel free to share your ideas and projects. We only grow as artists when we share our creative inspirations!

Artfully yours,


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