Bullet Journaling

For many years I wanted to try bullet journaling. However, I was intimidated at first because it looked complicated and I didn’t understand how it worked. Besides, I didn’t think a bullet journal could contain my cluttered, unorganized life. I guess it would be better than leaving post-it notes all over the house, writing on every calendar and putting info on a smartphone. Finally I can have one place to put all of my important dates, schedules, and thoughts.

So this year I have started a bullet journal. I read numerous articles, watched dozens of videos and looked up visual examples and I am happy to say it has changed my life. All of my random thoughts and ideas captured in one analog journal! I can track everything in my life, health, fitness, finance, mood, expenses! You name it you can track it and make a page for that. It is absolutely brilliant. I should have done this years ago.

So how do you get started? First, you need to choose a journal. There are many different kinds of journals from different manufacturers. I tried an Essentials journal and it was good, but the pages are not that thick and some pens will bleed through. It is great for practicing. The one I am using now is called Lemome. It is fantastic. I need thicker pages because I draw doodles, zentangles and my visual ideas for my blog.

Let’s get to the fun stuff……SUPPLIES! Who doesn’t love pens and markers, and oh did I say PENS!!!!

PLEASE NOTE: These are but a few of the many brands and types of pens and markers, but this should get you started.

  • Pencil (For sketching out your layout)
  • Pens
    • Copic
    • Micron
    • Flair (Be careful might ghost or bleed)
    • Gel pens (comes in all kinds of colors)
  • Markers
    • Faber-Castel PITT
    • Steadtler Fineliners
    • Zebra Midliners
    • Koi brush markers
    • Tombow brush markers
  • Embelishments
    • Washi Tape
    • stickers
  • 6 in. Ruler
  • Eraser

Gather up your goodies and let’s get started…



One of the first pages to go into your journal is the index page. This is where you will put the page number of your journal entry and a brief description of the page. Generally, two pages are allocated for the Index Page.


The future log is for planning out long-term events. For instance the concert in August, the vacation in Aspen, the family reunion in October. It is a quick reference to log dates and events in the future.



The yearly spread is as it seems. A page with all 12 months drawn out, so important dates can be referenced quickly. Having a key, or color code will delineate your topics, i.e. pay-day, birthdays, etc. you can mark them with lines, highlight them or use your own creative system. The possibilities are endless and I have seen so many creative layouts it is a joy to know that being organized doesn’t have to be boring.

On the next issue, we will tackle the Monthly Log, Weekly Log, and the Daily Log. Until next time get your supplies and get journaling. As always if you have questions please feel free to drop a line. I would love to see your layouts. Please like and share on Facebook, and Pinterest and check out Instagram.

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